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Journals about CANT SLEEP

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by JBull408, Nov 24, 2015
todays been tough.. Not dope sick tough but its been a mentally tough day. Im a strong beli...
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by scard4ever, Nov 26, 2012
Stressed out, cant sleep
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by lx3forHim, Dec 01, 2011
I am very stressed out this morning, have yet to be able to get to sleep. I have so much to...
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its coming up to 3am UK time and I'm up awake feeling...honestly like complete Sh*t. ...
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by hereiam74, Feb 26, 2011
i am on suboxone, and plan on stayinghg on it for just sux going from perks to ...
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got 3-4 hours of sleep last night. that consisted of mostly nightmaree. i dreampt that ther...
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by bradensdaddy, Sep 29, 2009
i cant sleep. well really i cant fall asleep. this is my second tour in iraq and the first ...
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by hailey88, Jul 15, 2009
i feel scared. my cats are running around, i cant sleep and im hearing voices. it sounds li...
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by Nycky, Apr 16, 2009
I woke at 4am this morning. Layed there doing all the relaxation exercises I could think of...
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by sarahischanging, May 31, 2008 - 5 Comments
I blew too much and now i cant sleep my hearts racing and all these thoughts are going thro...