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It's the twentieth. Christmas is so close, and I realize when I thought that I was not ...
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by Kev48az, Sep 19, 2009
fever check
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by NTB, Aug 18, 2009 - 1 Comment
feeling strong today, had a nice hard workout with the weights. Inside temp was 82 degrees ...
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Apparently, I am getting back to my "old" self - the one that has continual hot f...
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oh great... weather network has a high risk warning for friday over night... for temperatur...
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by marileew, Mar 05, 2009
today was SO DEPRESSING after my totally pain free day yesterday. after my shots yesterday,...
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by marileew, Mar 02, 2009
Weather Network has a weather trigger warning for Monday evening... Moderate Risk for: Humi...
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Weather network has a low risk active weather trigger temperature warning for: Sun Morning ...
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by marileew, Feb 27, 2009
The weather network says that "Temperature" is an "Active Weather Triggers&q...
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by JackDonner, Dec 16, 2008
Recently, my friend and I were in a situation where we were outside to long-[it's cold ...