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by blunik, Aug 11, 2010
totally blasted my little girl last night, and the other one this morning. I HATE yelling a...
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by dizianna, Aug 02, 2010
played competition golf in the wind and rain with a headache. more endurance than anything....
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by Krisiness, Jul 29, 2010
Soooo you were in my dream last night and it was prom again. And we all decided to wear the...
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by vickie5989, Jul 12, 2010
This is normal for me. I sleep most of the day and II'm up at night. The odd thing is...
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About an hour ago I felt okay. Then I went to visit my mom and dad and read some of the pa...
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I was sleepy, it's hot, we smelled spices, I slept more, we watched Criminal Minds, rea...
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Had a foul moment with my psychologist last week - I'm guessing everyone (?) has these ...
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by Krisiness, May 11, 2010
And we watched Iron Man 2. It was a good movie. I stuttered through testing and wouldn&...
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by Jenni1187, Apr 07, 2010 - 3 Comments
So... I've been thinking about seeing a counselor. A therapist. I've never been to ...
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