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Woke up with a severe stabbing pain in my left eye. It felt like my brain behind my left ey...
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by mayperl, Dec 09, 2009
Vision worse than yesterday, eye pain - soreness. When looking through sore eye, little sp...
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by mayperl, Dec 04, 2009
Eye pain, heel pain, slight headache, hip and thigh pain - 10AM. All pains went away in ...
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by mayperl, Nov 29, 2009
MS Specialist tomorrow. Numb toes, blurry eye, pain in elbow creek & behind knees. ...
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by mayperl, Nov 26, 2009
Eye pain, body buzz, heel pains, sharp head pains in the back of skull. 8PM left arm PAI...
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by mayperl, Nov 22, 2009
Dr. put me back on prednisone, but higher dosage - for optic neuritis. BAD HEADACHE!!! ...
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by PastorDan, Sep 10, 2009
Spreading out the gabapentin seems to be helping to keep the eye pain under control.
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by hmay42, Aug 15, 2009
*POSSIBLE TRIGGERS: I could go with the emotional stress again, but I'm pretty sure thi...
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*POSSIBLE TRIGGERS: I'm gonna go with the 13+ hours I slept that night. I woke up some...
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by diemyn, Feb 03, 2009 - 2 Comments
I'm awake cuzs I couldn't breathe. I coughed stuff up and it's better. Haven...