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Journals about aches

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This is another mile stone for me and a friend 2011 october 05 ,a friend of mine showed me...
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by CrohnieToo, Jan 28, 2011
Darn feet, not really pain, but uncomfortable aching on and off later in the night. PB 0...
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by sk123, Apr 26, 2010
I had several mosquito bites on my arms (discovered Sunday morning). I usually have an alle...
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by yallolorry, Feb 23, 2010
since last wednesday theta healing treatment I do seem much brighter, today I've been o...
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Completely loss vision in right eye. Looked gray. Had to close eye to read or write. Sore ...
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by myrlings, Mar 17, 2009
i have a sore throat and general achiness, but the aches aren't really so bad that i e...