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Journals about Death

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by dreaming_ghosty, Jan 23, 2016
well another one of my grandparents died so my mom is going through a lot. im falling back ...
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Everyone has had nightmares of course after watching a scary film right? But this is di...
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by dreaming_ghosty, Dec 28, 2015
my grandmother died
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It's a weird thing to think of however being an addict I believe that if I didn't s...
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I really feel great helping other people with mental health issues. I think it is somehow ...
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Life’s Evening by Samuel Burnham Year 1860 : Online @ the following address. Passages ...
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by BeckahMyers, Oct 10, 2012 - 1 Comment
She sits alone On her couch She recalls the memories She cries, she pouts As every tear...
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by bee095, Aug 17, 2012
Mum picked my up from school, I was feeling rather good. She dropped a bombshell - My (hona...
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by Linda458, Mar 28, 2012
Woke up feeling kind of down. I had the "Herb faked his death to get away from me&quo...
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by isntsure, Mar 15, 2012
Well, I don't think anybodys going to read this but I just want to write.Yesterday morn...