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I was checked yesterday and I'm a finger-tip dilated, but after coming Back from the Midw...
I am just curious if contractions always have to tense up your uterus at the onset of labor...
BH - Pregnancy Community
- Mar 27, 2014
What do they feel like and can I get them being 21 weeks?
At what week do you commonly start having Braxton Hicks contractions?
I'm a ftm and every now and then when I'm walking or just laying around I can feel the baby...
bh - Pregnancy Community
- Nov 05, 2014
Is it normal to have Braxton hicks really close together?
BH - Pregnancy Community
- Jun 26, 2015
Is it weird that I only get them after I orgasm? (Tmi?) And then I really don't think it ha...
I have been having braxton Hicks for about 4 hours constantly and they are becoming more un...
BH - Pregnancy Community
- Jan 12, 2015
I'm 33 weeks today and do not ever feel Braxton hicks but when I was hooked up to monitors,...
I'm 35+3 I'm pretty sure it's only been BH but not sure if it could be real contractions o...
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by BradyAm, Dec 17, 2009
been feeling pretty good. getting fatter and fatter lol. my BBs have been feeling kind...