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by Thatgirl16, Oct 20, 2013
Severe hip pain, worst for a while cannot sleep or get comfortable
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My pains are increasing daily from just a twinge to overwhelming and waking me up at night....
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I was googling today, because I have not had any answers to my posts on lower back and hip ...
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by Don5724, Sep 29, 2010
Legs n/g hip pain,God is there ever going to be etter???
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this pain makes me angry , like what did I do for this to flare up ,,,again ,every month om...
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by Jo2202, Feb 12, 2010
Well, what can I say? Had a steroid injection in Dec last year, made the hip joint go co...
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What a week! I was given a corticosteroid injection at the start of last month, and to b...
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by Petnurse, Mar 13, 2009
Today I had x-rays of my hips, especially the right one, and a bone density scan. I should ...
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by JE2248, Feb 20, 2009
I've tried Anadin NSAIDs and resting it but my hip pain's actually getting worse. B...
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Saw the doc today about the anxiety and that things have improved slightly as it was more a...