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Journals about stiffness

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by Jericaforever, Apr 21, 2015
a few days ago i was talking to my husband... just having a normal conversation. we were no...
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I began to have joint pain in my knees and spine about 6 months after my first child was bo...
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by swoo1959, Sep 24, 2011
Tired of waking up stiff and in pain all the time. This is my way of whining without bother...
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by sparkle40, Aug 26, 2011
Just been trying new things to get my energy up. I tried 100% Whey Protien and it helped wi...
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No back pain however still stiffness in leg and had to be careful with movement
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by dksart, Aug 29, 2009
I am sooo sore from my massage. Plus, I think I may have gotten a tiny bit glutened a few d...
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by Khiba, Mar 28, 2009
The LDN and physical therapy is working great! I also added Inflavinoids to my alternative ...