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by KatGuadalupee_, Oct 04, 2015
Last night I began to feel a discomfort in my throat when I swallowed. But it was only on m...
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by 30something13, Sep 23, 2010
So sick today and I feel preggers again! Hope it is the stomach bug going around or my ears...
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by BradyAm, Jan 16, 2010
so i went back to work today. which really sucked to start off with. i was just running aro...
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by Dawnzie, Jan 03, 2010
Throwing up and Diarrhea all last night, and this morning. Either stomach bug, or food poi...
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by Krisiness, Oct 27, 2009
And go to sleep. Like I'm supposed to, you know. Woke up so nauseas you wouldn't e...
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by Lizz90, Apr 21, 2009
I told two of my friends about well what I said was " im depressed, self harm and make...
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by Lizz90, Mar 24, 2009
I cant seem to go more than two days without. I didnt go college yesterday, and spent the t...
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by melissa99642, Feb 25, 2009
I think i am pregnant but i am not sure, whenever i wake up all i feel like doing is throwi...
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My MRI results weren't so normal after all; I guess I was right to be sarcastic in my j...