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Can anyone tell me around how many weeks they will allow tou to get the 4d ultrasound done?...
4D - Pregnancy Community
- Oct 02, 2014
For a 4d ultrasound do you have to be a certain time along?
Today is the day I've been waiting for. 3,5 hours we will see our baby move on the screen a...
4d - Pregnancy Community
- Jul 29, 2014
When you get a 4d ultra sound done can you tell the difference between a white baby or a mi...
4d - Pregnancy Community
- Sep 07, 2013
When is a good time to do 4d ultrasound im 23 weeks and impatient
4d - Pregnancy Community
- Nov 21, 2013
Whats a 4d ultrasound?
What is the differance in the looks in 3d and 4d ultrasounds? I got 4d with my first baby a...
Whats the difference? My boyfriend wants me to get a 4D untrasound but I have no idea what ...
I Seen My Baby Girl In 4D Today, I Am So In Love She Look Just Like Her Daddy.
So when you typically do the anatomy scan between 18-20 weeks, is it a 4D ultrasound? Just...
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Well, today we travelled to Leeds for our 4D Scan, and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! ...