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by LisaTrusher11, Jan 22, 2016
Hi, so I was over by my cousin house and she licked me on my forehead to be funny. Unfortun...
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by kallieek, May 24, 2015
Today is one of those days that I would like to do all of the following: -Binge -Purge -...
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After using my swingset in shorts, I got painful rashes that are raised and burn. They only...
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Eat 800. Burn 300. BMR=1100. Eat 850. Burn 350. Eat 900. Burn 400. Eat 950. Burn 450. E...
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by runninron71238, May 12, 2011
Back pain is a little better today....still hopeful! Maybe the nerve burn is working???
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by runninron71238, May 11, 2011
Had a pain management procedure done today. They burned the nerves into at the t-1 thru t-4...
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No reason, just did. No fight, just jumped right into the shower. Which was wonderful. Ate ...