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After I got pregnant I notice my face got cleared of acne its smooth,and clear! & I love it...
acne - Acne Community
- Sep 17, 2012
What is the best Anne medication to use on my face?
acne - Acne Community
- Dec 13, 2011
What could I do to get my face clean. I had it nice not no more :(
acne? - Acne Community
- Jan 28, 2013
Ive had acne all over my for head and my nose and mouth seense i was 11 years old and im 14...
Is anybody suffering with bad spot break outs?? I had lovely clear skin untill I got pregna...
acne - Acne Community
- Apr 10, 2012
I am a 18 year old line appeared on the middle of my nose...nd black spots ar...
acne - Acne Community
- Aug 16, 2017
i m 26yrs old, n i started having acne wen i was 23yrs...i have used azithromycin for acn...
acne - Acne Community
- Jul 04, 2010
my doctor recommended me to to use nadibact creme at night and glocin gel in the day time. ...
acne - Acne Community
- Feb 08, 2012
What is a good acne product to use when pregnant? And what is bad to use?
Acne - Acne Community
- Jun 05, 2012
My daughter is 29 years old but she has a lot of acne in her face . Please help me Thanks