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Ok ladies, I found this on another forum and will be doing it in less then 15 minutes! Soon...
I just searched "gender conception chart" and found a site that supposedly can determine th...
Anybody took the gender predictor with the urine and baking soda and came out accurate?
Anybody took the gender predictor wit the baking soda and urine n was it accurate?
what is the hcg level of clear blue and predictor pg tests please??
Whats the sign having a baby boy in pregnancy
did it work for anyone? I feel like I'm having a boy and that's what my husband and I want ...
How many of you tried the Chinese predictor and it was correct?
Has anyone else tried this site? Spacefem . com it predicts when you will actually have ...
Has anyone tried the Chinese predictor chart & was it right?
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Baby eye color predictor...