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I use to be so skinny. Now I feel like a blob. My but is just like my mom's so dad s...
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I came across this a couple months ago. "The idea behind this completely free wei...
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by Linz87, Oct 15, 2009 - 2 Comments
I cannot lose weight. I worked for 3 weeks straight and lost only 5 lbs, stopped for 1 day ...
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I am going to make a concerted effort to lose weight and get in shape. I checked out 2 boo...
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by EBarns, Jun 25, 2009
fat fat fat fat fat fat fat. I will lose weight. I feels so obese.
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This is it! I'm finally serious about losing that "freshmen's 15" (well, ...
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by hyeyung, Feb 27, 2009
I gained .6 lbs last week. My goal for the summer is to be down to 120-110. That will be ...
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by kaseyj, Jul 20, 2008
Along with my desparation to lose weight I am going to try to quit drinking.
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by laquan, Mar 04, 2008
i want 2 lose weight in the quickest waydoes any one know how