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by Tuckamore, Oct 22, 2015 - 4 Comments
I officially joined MedHelp in June of 2008. I was on a Medical leave for about two years a...
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Guys I did masturbation but have stopped masturbating since the last month. I want to ask w...
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by CRSeaside, Dec 05, 2013 - 4 Comments
Before the Medical/head Dr team released me to return here to one of my favorite homes,I ha...
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by 0421, Sep 19, 2012
I still go to a medical rehab Dr and use vicoden on a daily basis. I use as little as possi...
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by mogs00300, Oct 29, 2011
Vasectomy NY, a Vasectomy Clinic by Harry Fisch MD specializes exclusively in non-invasive,...
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by WendyLady03, Sep 28, 2011
I seem to have picked this one really rare medical ailment and I find myself sometimes frea...
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Check out my presentation Dear followers I ...
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A recent decree by the Medical Council of India has made it mandatory for Indian doctors to...
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I am saddened to read some of the stories out there! It seems that I am not alone! I don&#...
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by AnnaMariaQQss, Mar 18, 2011
Getting some where with my medical needs feels better!