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Journals about wondering

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by kimmielou137, Apr 06, 2012 - 13 Comments
My doctor told me I can't ovulate on my own so I did some research and I'm wonderin...
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I posted a question about my child. And the answer I got in return said something such as t...
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by Krisiness, Apr 12, 2010
But that's healthy, isn't it? I'm really on top of things. To be honest, I f...
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by Sweetie79, Sep 09, 2009
For the last three days no matter what time my CERVIX is HIGH. There is some and I by some ...
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by Memommie, Aug 21, 2009
I am 31 weeks and 2 days as of today. I went to the Dr office and I am measuring at 27 week...
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by Erlandee, Jul 10, 2009
So, we've had two sunny days in a row! Oh, the wonders of being able to breathe. I sp...
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by LadyLuck77, Apr 23, 2009 - 3 Comments
I am so upset about my doc forcing me to try and change a medication that is working so wel...
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by nikkiprew, Apr 15, 2009
The only thing i have to really stress about this week is that Dan got laid off all week an...