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Journals about weaning

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by olduser, Oct 03, 2013
this # is how many milligrams for that day Oct 31 only 8 .. #4 bit i half at 6 hr interval...
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by shugalug, May 16, 2013 - 2 Comments
Ya! Great to wake up with no fear & 'fright' feelings in tummy & heart. Tho...
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by fargbus, May 26, 2010
I dropped from 80 mg to 60. Seems like a big jump, but I don't seem to feel to much dif...
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by ifeelinfinite, May 11, 2010 - 1 Comment
i mean, on 10mgs. then i'll be clean. i can't wait.
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by ifeelinfinite, May 04, 2010 - 2 Comments
it getting the very best of me. i feel so incredibly, indescribably awful today. i am cry...
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by ifeelinfinite, May 03, 2010
had to take an extra today - felt really crappy. i started to have severe depression, whic...
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as the title says, it's our first day at 30mgs. i still feel pretty crappy but much be...
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for some reason, my withdrawal symptoms were AWFUL today. i had some terrible muscle aches...
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by ifeelinfinite, Apr 30, 2010
i realized that i was off by a day; my appointment was actually today; not thursday. anywa...
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i am trying my very best to stick to the plan. unfortunately, it appears my boyfriend is t...