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Journals about RLS

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by NatM80, Feb 17, 2012
Last few days, well weeks, but last few days have been awful. I've had Restless Le...
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What is HAPPENING??legs acting up RLS,body not shutting down WHYYY???
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RLS back ???Really hurting legs up and frag nite early AM
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by Pleiad007, Sep 23, 2010
October 7, 2010 Reported this dream to Dr. Freud.........discussed my RLS, stabbing sudden...
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by bethwillprevail, Apr 28, 2010 - 1 Comment
Bad case of RLS. Took Nyquil and it didnt help. Dont want to wake up my hubby, I am thin...
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by Ozymandi, Feb 07, 2010
RLS, mild, r. quad, at waking 5am
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by Ozymandi, Feb 06, 2010
walked 3am, decided today to permanently avoid daytime naps and let the chips fall where t...
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I've had to simplify my sleeping situation so much to overcome RLS that sleeping on a b...
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by daledude, Jan 04, 2009
RLS, but I took tylenol and advil before going to bed so I mostly slept through it.
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by emergee, Dec 19, 2008
symptoms come and go. mainly exhaustion to the point of feeling sick. exercise nearly imp...