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Journals about hunger

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Hi, well I started this on the 23rd. It has been 4 days....the first couple of days I felt ...
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Since I embarked on this endeavor two years ago this month, the mirror is showing me a pers...
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by holyschhnitzel, May 29, 2011
To minimize hunger
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by Krisiness, Sep 04, 2010
no, I'm kidding, but I was so exhaustedly tired I might as well have been. I pretty muc...
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But who the hell knows anymore? I took care of Pippin's cage and played sims for a long...
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by lostangelbearsr, May 03, 2010
It is impossible to lose weight when I don't ever know if we will even have food tomorr...
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I gain no energy. I've just been so tired all day, and I was so cold last night. My hea...
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by Krisiness, Nov 02, 2009
I guess I didn't sleep well? Well actually I should fill out yesterday's journal be...
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on my biology booklet. It took foooorever. But I knew I had to do it nicely, because I need...
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by laurj117, Sep 14, 2009
Been feeling really hungry today, trying to resist but I still feel like I could eat a hors...