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My dog has been randomly crying out in agony yesterday and today. I have felt all over his ...
I have a 15 year old **** zu that has joint problems and a herniated disc but this has been...
My 2 year old dog appears to have hip or rear leg pain what can it be? She went for a walk ...
What are my options here? He is nowhere near the point of needing to be put down. He resp...
dog - Dogs Community
- Sep 19, 2010
what to do my dog is sick and not eating
dog - Dogs Community
- Nov 11, 2012
my dog yelps when you touch her thoart and the back of her jaw. what could this be?
dog - Dogs Community
- Sep 15, 2010
i bought a husky dog 2 weeks ago, who is 2 years old, he hasnt really eat much and waterey ...
dog - Dogs Community
- Mar 27, 2010
my dog is not eating from morning anything.
Dog - Dogs Community
- Nov 09, 2012
What can I give my 14yr old golden retriever to fight arthritis ect. heard asprin & Iburoph...
My 9 yr old Rotty is currently in pain. The doctor has given lots of pain killers but he is...