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Journals about congestion

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by KJ881, Nov 15, 2012
Been feeling more than relieved since my Dr on Monday. Seeing our little growing baby, wel...
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by scpayyy, Jan 29, 2012
Feel good but a little head congestion. My body feels ok considering the workout I've b...
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by markknit, Nov 29, 2011
Slept upright. Started late, but fully congested on right side, headache followed. Tried to...
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by kichihaya, Aug 11, 2011
At 4 AM I decided to go online and look up remedies, finally fed up with my nasal congestio...
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by mjo2, Oct 26, 2010
I missed school because I was so tired. Sleep was interrupted starting at 6:15 am because I...
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by JordanH, Oct 21, 2009
When I woke up I felt sick. I walked around for a minute and my head was hurting, mostly my...
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Had Week 15 visit, still UND, still anemic, taking procrit. 600 mg riba daily, 135000units ...