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Journals about POTS

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by JoHartpotsy, Mar 19, 2014
I travels only 4 hours away this past weekend and stayed on a two day visit and since comin...
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by Potscourtney, Jan 15, 2013
Awful day. Last few days of menses. My pain was very controlled, and BANG! At 2:30, I woke ...
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by Potscourtney, Jan 14, 2013
Bad night/early morning. IV saline 1 bag Saturday, 1 bag Sunday. BP taken last night was 1...
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by Potscourtney, Jan 13, 2013
Bp is 105-70, pulse is constant 60, unless I get up & jumps to ⬆100. Very lightheaded, ...
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by Potscourtney, Jan 10, 2013
Always hiccuping after taking bites of food...no more than 4 or 5 bites leads to hiccups. S...
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by eiryn, Apr 14, 2012
First trip to the hospital ever. Hospitals and needles were one of my greatest fears til th...
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by annesf, Dec 14, 2010
If anyone has questions about Vanderbilt please let me know as I am here for two weeks for ...
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by MyBabyLove2274, Nov 17, 2010 - 2 Comments
If you have POTS you probably know what it feels like to have every doctor roll their eye...
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by kittykat19891, Oct 23, 2010
Hey guys, Things are going pretty well for me, at the moment. I'm finally finding so...
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by annesf, Sep 01, 2010
I am having an amazing reaction to B-12, and am curious to see if it is helping my POTS: ...