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by SeranishRyen, Nov 06, 2013
28. Female. 2 years with MS. Tecfidera. Copaxone. Rebif. Insurance. Antidepressants. Anti...
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Wishingthinking helps me think of a better peaceful future but it makes me wonder many thin...
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by Amber9999, Aug 24, 2013
I felt horrible today because of some of the medicine I'm on. I have come to a decisio...
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by denisehual, Mar 28, 2013
Bree Came to see me. She is doing much better and I really want to stay in touch with her....
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by HiLoGirl, Mar 21, 2013
Son has appointment today. See how that goes... A house with 2 bipolar people is never dull...
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by Marie0456, Feb 17, 2013
I took a nap. Listening to a book. Had a latte. Feeling much better. :)
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by ItstheSky, Jan 27, 2013 - 1 Comment
Either this is just part of the roller coaster of emotions on this journey or progression r...
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Quietly and better than yesterday
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by GroveCanada, Nov 29, 2012
been taking this Vein-Guard thing from NaturalCare in Oregon every once in a while...Contai...
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I was able to get some things done today. I got some unpacking done in the bedroom and got...