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You know how important it is to stay hydrated — after all, your body is 60 percent water, r...
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by Morphman, May 14, 2012
YEAH...I can finally drink water again without it tasting like a stagnate pool!
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by i4gv777, Apr 23, 2012
4-16oz. glasses of water. 1-16oz. glass of milk.
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by dkeyes055, Dec 30, 2011
Needed to eat more food today and drink more water wasn't really hungry today.
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by kylee566, Nov 09, 2011
i try to drink alot off water everyday today i have a cold so im tryin to drink more then i...
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by momacak, Aug 27, 2011
I drink Red Bull & alot of Mt.Dew. Well I drink some coffee.
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by frontier2002, May 24, 2011
Today very less plain water consumption compare to soft drinks. Only one glass or so plain ...
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i reallllyyy need to stop diluting pure water with juices!!! en learn howta drink en like p...
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by chasingbea, Feb 26, 2010
Man, I really need to drink more water. When I actually think about the number of ounces I...
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by j0nny132, Jun 12, 2009
was out drinking today had alot to drink.. ended up falling out with a lot of my freinds an...