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In the early 2000s I was paralyzed in a accident the left me a c5 c6 incomplete quadriplegi...
I am brand new to this group. Nice to meet you. I have read many stories similar to mine. ...
I've been searching and reading a lot about nerve regeneration and bladder funtion followin...
HELP! Trauma SCI - Child Help! Please! Child! We are so Worried!!! Herniated Dis...
I sustained an injury to C 3, 4 & 5 three years ago. I was paralyzed from the neck down. Im...
Hi guys! I'm new here. I've been suffering from strange problems for the last two months...
Hi, What are the symptoms of spinal cord injury or nerve compression resulting after a l5s...
1st MVA 1988 - fracture cervical chip failed, severe tissue tears neck, lumbar, L shou...
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