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by tigeras, Jan 04, 2015
I've never been a breakfast person! I'd just drink 10 cups of coffee, & that...
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by goldenrod1970, Jan 16, 2013
Day 3...I can do this....I can do this....I CAN DO THIS! The way my body feels is nothing b...
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Medhelp Forum. 3 interesting questions at my Brain Body Fitness Forum at Medhelp. Check m...
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I always have to stop and think before I go running in the cooler weather. This Autumn morn...
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Hi, I wanted to let you know I just read your post and i had to sign up to share my stor...
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Hi there followers and fans! I am super excited to present this LIVE WEBINAR at FRIENDS HEA...
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by Morphman, May 17, 2012
Today I'm going to take it easy a bit and pace myself. I over did the work load from ye...
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Who knows how to breathe properly? Our body needs Breathing the same as cars need gas . Try...