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Journals about breath

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by bebe2011, Jul 25, 2011
Well i think i know why my bbt are erractic, i think i mouth breath right before i wake up,...
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by Gordon_DeWitt, Jun 16, 2011
when I got into class I couldn't breath,think consintrate. I had all my notes spred all...
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I think I couldn't breath properly last night... maybe it was because a plant was in th...
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by Janicaa, May 04, 2009 - 2 Comments
I want to share some thing with all of you. Remember to love yourself first in this life th...
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by slinkyman, Apr 29, 2009
I am glad I found this website. Rita had found it in the past but I was to dumb to use it t...
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Met with my HCV Dr. yesterday, still can't get over how caring and responsible they are...