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a 57 years old woman with tachycardia(140per minute)and chest pain with normal sinus rhytm ...
For someone who has a constant twitch in their right eye (prior to this was sore), is cons...
I have a rash on my forehead and chest for about a month. I was put on Predisone and told t...
I am 23 and as of late I have noticed that my hair to starting to look thin and very dry, a...
how can i stop coughing due to an itch in my chest
what is tegretol?
how long does it take to detox 150 mg of seroquel to 75 mg. How long is the withdrawl?
when looking at a red object or screen such as tv sometimes get a flash of red with blue ed...
My boyfriend has brown growths on the back of his tongue. What can they be & what should he...
I have itch all over my body. I've been to 3 dermatologists but none can find a cure or ev...
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