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I'm 9weeks pregnant. And I'm wondering when can I start playing classical music for my gro...
Anyone here believe that mozart's instrumental is good to listen to while pregnant for baby...
What do you guys think of playing classical music for the baby when they are in the womb?
Do any other moms on here let there babies listen too music?? If so what kind of music?
I am VERY versatile when it comes to music. This morning while putting my phone down I acci...
What kind of music is good for baby's to listen to while they are in your belly?
I'm sorry for posting so much, there's just so many questions and doctors don't have ALL th...
Do u play music to your baby and what sort? When can they hear it. Thanks
I heard playing music for your baby is good. What type of music should I play?
Anyone else feel they bby move when music is playing?