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For four days it's progressively gotten worse. The last two nights I've gotten sick...
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by gqmolyneux, Sep 22, 2013
Went to A&E with Extreme pain after trying on saturday with almost 5 hour wait. X-rays ...
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by 2broken, Feb 08, 2013
I'm really suffering more and more every day. I cry uncontrollably every single day. I ...
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by gina20, Apr 11, 2012
Im in alot of pain in my areas vagina,butt,back i get a shock pain right thu my butt to my ...
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by Moonflower22, Feb 03, 2011 - 1 Comment
Excessive back pain, extreme headache. Bed ridden all day
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by godscase, Jan 23, 2011
Concerned about blocked artery found in back of head sending blood supply to brain being 10...
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by cornishcarol, Dec 16, 2010
well its the thursday before Christmas and i am in extreme pain with my spine surgery yet a...
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by kmontano5, Sep 03, 2010
Extreme headache most of the day
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Fitness expert Covert Bailey once said something profound that has always stuck with me. Am...
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by Bowser_lette, Apr 06, 2010
My BF was completely unstable and this set me off. He had my son and threatened to commit s...