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Journals about follicles

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by AmyUK89, Nov 27, 2012
Had a scan on CD 16.. Nurse said I had a good amount of Cervical Mucus, follicles are a ...
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by Kaylei, Aug 26, 2011
Endo Lining: 10.36mm Follicles: R- 22mm, 26mm L- 12mm Sperm Post Wash: 7...
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by Moma_Cher, Jul 18, 2011 - 19 Comments
So got my follicles checked for growth today and have Left side: 14,13,15; Right side: 14,...
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by Honey_Lee09, Feb 21, 2011
So today i had a ultrasound and it showed that the femara worked alot better than the clomi...
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by prayin4_2, Sep 24, 2010
today my us showed follicles at sizes 22, 19, 19 and 17. i m so happy for them, they look s...
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by bevfly, Sep 03, 2010
1 follicle of 13mm on the left so ovulation will be early this month.My fiance went away fo...
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by tifflutze, Aug 31, 2010
well i have 3 follicles again the sizes are 20, 19, 18 and my lining in my uterus thickened...
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by tifflutze, Aug 02, 2010
well the IUI went very good today.. the hubby had 68million swimmers at 65% mobility then a...
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by tifflutze, Jul 29, 2010
well went to the doctor today i have three follicles but they are not ready yet so i will d...
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by wanabb, Jul 02, 2010
four follicles between 17 and 18mm! This is the most I have had so far and the biggest thi...