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Hi I had a bad toothache for a week took antibiotics ( amoxicillian) finally got to the de...
I didn't mean to leave you hanging. My computer is not being able to "produce this page at...
Hey, how are you feeling? How is your headache? I get the tension headaches, never really...
Stephanie, I do not understand why you are acting like a child. Oh wait, you are a child. I...
Hi I have a few questions. The difference in sub and bup? Are these addicitive??Will clonin...
I am 54 yrs old, weigh 297lb, 5'6". Today I was feeling very shaky and my eyes felt like th...
need help wth something...please check your email ladies! hope it is a good day for all....
Hi all, Don't know if you've seen this but I found it and it's free online! Tought I'd ...
hi my name is Stephanie I have a question?
Im having a girl , I need help deciding her middle name . Stephanie Janae Or Stepha...
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