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Journals about family

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Everyone has had nightmares of course after watching a scary film right? But this is di...
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by crb1487, Jan 13, 2016
Aside from finding out I'm back on split shifts yesterday & loosing 4>5 hrs next...
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by CRSeaside, Jan 08, 2016
Well, forced myself to have handyman and family here for projects and cleaning and cooking....
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by dreaming_ghosty, Dec 28, 2015
my grandmother died
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So it's been a rough start for my husband and myself. We have been married for 4 years ...
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About 2 weeks ago, late at night, maybe 1:00-2:00, I was laying in bed and out of no where ...
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Halloween is fast approaching, which is a more snack-happy time of year than most. But it p...
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by Jah1958, Jul 17, 2015
Why This? I ask. What made me reach out to this website and start writting a journal. "...
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by Melfy, May 11, 2015
I have severe PTSD. A lot of people don't understand what that means fully or how it ...
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by Criddybuggin, Mar 21, 2015 - 1 Comment
I believe in the power of prayers and faith. I recently had a visit from my good freinds t...