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Journals about aching

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by northforkmom, Jan 15, 2013
Aching pain all over.
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Got up around 9.30am wasn't too bad to start then as it got towards evening the weather...
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woke a little later today 6.30AM went to toilet and took my medication , went back to bed ...
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by Arttosupportawriter, May 03, 2010
My legs are aching after taking my dog for a 15 min walk.
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by laura301, Mar 07, 2010
My hip hurts. I want to do so much, wish I could work, but aching every day!
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Completely loss vision in right eye. Looked gray. Had to close eye to read or write. Sore ...
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by myrlings, Mar 12, 2009
last night i had a migraine so bad i was almost crying. i took the migraine pill and aleve....