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by LobsterBoffin, Dec 07, 2013
I notice, as soon as I enter the 'low motivation' element, that for the last two da...
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by flashDude, Jan 25, 2010
Tomorrow I am going to try to wake up before non to call the Hep C support group here in Ho...
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by Xoex, Sep 04, 2009
Today I talked with Hamed & Meghdad. We want to establish a website, We hope we can pro...
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by hope_peace, Apr 01, 2009
So its been an eventful week. I told my younger sister I was pregnant (I guess everyone i...
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by vsentz, Nov 11, 2008 - 1 Comment
Well, I am starting this also... along with the other million things in my list. Have you...
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by LIL_LADY24, Oct 08, 2008