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by LizTK, Feb 01, 2014
Pain all over, can not walk to bathroom without assistance. Have not washed hair or showere...
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I am not sure the last time I had a bowel movement. This is at least the third day so I wi...
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by sparkle8sparkle, Oct 29, 2012
stupid trackers wont let me add any info been trying since beginning of october!
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reconfigure Sleep Tracker realizing day of sleep and additional data are one day behind hou...
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by tiadreams, Mar 16, 2012 - 1 Comment
Anyone know how to change the stupid smiley face in my mood tracker? I am not feeling very ...
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by ginjninj, Mar 13, 2012
This will be my last tracker entry for the time being. As long as I keep my routine the way...
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by kerri436, Feb 24, 2012
I had loose stools but because I do have a hemmorhoid problem it hurt really bad having a b...
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by Kathyb19, Oct 13, 2011
Today, I got up early, because my hips and legs sore. I had a good day. Seems like I was hu...
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by ginjninj, Aug 01, 2011
Starting to record erratic sleep pattern for comparison. Too hot for sleeping in the aft...
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by FibroBunny, Jun 12, 2011
Although it's great to use the tracker i find most of the time I just don't have th...