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had baby appointment today with one of the nurse practitioners (love her!). i got in after ...
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by BradyAm, Feb 16, 2010 - 3 Comments
wow i only had to wait like 5 minutes to get in. but i did have to wait in the room for lik...
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by JohnsonMommi, Feb 13, 2010
Monday 2/15/10 I go see Dr,Martin at Lanier ObGyn, for my first baby check-up.
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by keely_kiwi, Jan 13, 2010
Went to the hospital a couple nebulizer treatments and some oxygen. Fee;ing q...
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by BradyAm, Nov 16, 2009
went very well. took like 3 minutes lol. she just checked the babie's pulse and asked h...
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by KalynS, Aug 06, 2009
Overall my doctor appointment went well. My cyst is gone (happy news). She said the small f...
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by pbbsmommy, Jan 27, 2009
Porscha had a doctors appointment yesterday and everything went well. She weighs about 15 ...