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by GraceK101, Dec 31, 2012
So this is my first day on the Pregnancy Tracker, I just think it is great. So, I'm pre...
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by gordita1979, Dec 18, 2012
I started bleeding 12/16 not sure why, I went to ED and they did a sono and see a bleed but...
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I have been dreaming very very vivid dreams and not getting and rest. I am going for my fir...
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by afh5babies, Nov 27, 2012
Well finally after almost 3 weeks of uncomfortable labor I delivered a healthy 7lb 3oz baby...
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by bebe2011, Oct 24, 2012
I'm 29+4 measuring 34 weeks. US Tuesday 10/30 to see what Hannah's measuring, due d...
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by 2BAmummy, Aug 15, 2012
YEAAAAAAA 7 years :) BFP i cant contain my excitement and want to tell the world x ...
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by bebe2011, Aug 06, 2012 - 5 Comments
Well my Dr. appt wasnt so good today, my blood pressure has been high, so i was started on ...
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by valeriecorske, Jul 09, 2012
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by valeriecorske, Jun 16, 2012
feeling awesome
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by valeriecorske, Jun 13, 2012
is it true ??!!! upd: 35 mm ^^