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by tinaduncan22, Sep 03, 2012
road bikes walked on the beach with my whole family together and iyt was the best day in a ...
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Thanksgiving was amazing. Spending allot of time with my boyfriends family, playing apples ...
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by shirekat, Oct 06, 2011
Changed due date from May 10 to May 17. Everything is great. Already up to 154 pounds!
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by Bubulous, Jul 23, 2011
I feel great today. Yesterday was the closest I came to cutting myself in a while. It has...
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This past weekend with my fiance was great i didnt have any WD symptoms at all. I spent my ...
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by Bubulous, May 26, 2011
I had my zoloft increased. I was able to connect my PTSD to my childhood. The overwhelmin...
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by jenkaye21, Apr 26, 2011 - 3 Comments
I had such a blessed weekend and just want to write it down. God made it soo clear to me t...
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by cupcakette, Mar 15, 2011
Getting organized!
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it was great 7hrs straight what elae could you ask for really??
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by princesspaulap, Jan 10, 2010
we went out for the whole day and no headaches or symptoms!!! been drinking mostly caffine ...