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by slatergirl, Apr 10, 2012
woke up withmld swollen face/eyes
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Today, 5/3/11 is World Asthma Day! What can you share with us about asthma to help other...
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by cher9737, May 30, 2010 - 1 Comment
today is sunday the 30 th of may and time is 5;37 i just came home about 5pm and went to ...
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by fruitshoot, Dec 08, 2009
Just so down today. Tired. weepy. Really fed up. Family bought flowers, took me out to lunc...
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by Lmoss77, Nov 19, 2009
i'm still having alot of problems i see the dr. tomorrow and i'm glad becuse i can&...
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by Lmoss77, Nov 10, 2009
mom came ove today and we went out to lunch i felt good then now i'm feeling tight and...
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by Lmoss77, Nov 06, 2009
because my sats were good she discharged me with duonebs for home and increased my pred bac...
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by Lmoss77, Nov 02, 2009
today was the first day i went out of the house and did stuff since i was discharged from t...
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by Lmoss77, Nov 01, 2009
today i have been out of the hospital for 5 days and i don'f feel much better than when...
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by lycanheart, Sep 22, 2009
stress seems to make my asthma worse. Why cant my hubby's ex keep out of out lives