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uacala pero q se va hacer agua es agua y si me la tengo q tomar me la tomo claro hoy tengo ...
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by MsPurple76, Jul 31, 2013
I do not like water, and I know that there is something wrong with that sentence. I rather...
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by Morphman, May 16, 2012
Was rudely awakened this morning by my stomach cramping and started to evacuate my bowels i...
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by Morphman, May 14, 2012
YEAH...I can finally drink water again without it tasting like a stagnate pool!
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by Morphman, May 08, 2012
Today, I was really sweating up a storm. Even after taking a shower I wasn't out of the...
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by end_stage, Apr 25, 2012
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by Deborak, Apr 02, 2012
No calories when Crystal Light is added to the water.
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The number of 8fl oz glasses of water I drank today is 8
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by NarayaniOm, Oct 02, 2011
so, here i am, i'm thirsty but i'm so into this, that i won't get up to get a g...
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in order to improve my health, general immune system and to promote my weightloss I decided...