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Journals about shin

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by sd8400PH, Jul 26, 2011
the left calf continues to be tight; can stretch and walk it out, but it returns; about the...
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by breeaannaa, Apr 19, 2010
I play soccer for my high school and for a club team and have had a shin guard rash on my s...
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by Becca1962, Feb 15, 2010
Today I have had an odd pain in my right shin, mostling going downstairs at work. It's ...
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Two weeks ago, my 24 year old daughter discovered 3 large lumps in her groin area. The blo...
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Well.. the chiropractor a few days ago definitely helped for a bit, but I'm already goi...
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by CynthiaBlue, May 23, 2009
My neck hurts pretty bad today. It's 8:46 pm as I write this. I had an obedience trial ...