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by DanielleMcGee, Dec 23, 2015
Breakfast consumed 20oz bottle of water Lunch consumed 2 cups steamed broccoli (70 Cal) ...
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by Muffin84, Apr 21, 2012 - 1 Comment
For the past week and a half I've been watching what I eat and taking my metformin. I&#...
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Had milk and cereal and a swig of diet coke.
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by Ranaesheart, Jul 24, 2009 - 7 Comments
Due to some very wonderful friends on MedHelp, my lovely daughter, a dear friends in London...
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by ChitChatNine, Jun 25, 2009 - 8 Comments
That was enough to take my appetite away even thru dinner .. husband came home and offere...
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Yeah, up wayyyyy too early I know .... Had to get up early to pick up my daughter from a...
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I just realized I can easily check of the little box to allow me at add a food to "s...
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Tracking my AM Meds with my Food Dairy - Easy way to keep track of changing dosing so I can...
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Sunday evening some family issues arose that required my immediate attention. I was on the...
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This is so easy to enter .. just entered my lunch.