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by Beanie0, Aug 23, 2013 - 2 Comments
From self-observation (I spend so much time on my own!) I have reached a sticky point. I u...
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by Scared149192, Mar 28, 2013
My boyfriend and I were laying down and we were trying to do anal sex. However it wouldn...
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My house is a disaster, both clean wise and in terms of things breaking down and/or not wor...
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by jessilb, Feb 14, 2013
Well, my son was good in school today except for at the end when he started beating up a cl...
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by megzlove182, Jan 23, 2011
I keep getting ridiculously angry(to the point where I can't do anything). I'm shor...
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Yesterday, 2nd Jan 2009- My Grandmother was in a foul mood all day and it got to me, my dad...