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by taebofreak, Mar 26, 2011
Father was criticising how I cleaned up my car.
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by wannabwellin2010, Jan 23, 2010
not really real excercise.I did sweep the kitchen an living room an mop both,then cleaned t...
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by crinklenose, Jan 19, 2010 - 1 Comment
I went on a cleaning spree that lasted about three days after this. It was great.
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Seems to be a theme no matter if I take meds or not if I clean and dust I get cold like sym...
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by crinklenose, May 08, 2009
I took a lot more steps today than usual. I cleaned the whole house today (with a few excep...
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by hyeyung, Mar 16, 2009
Next week I'm supposed to visit Mrs. P. about helping out her elementary students with ...
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Slept a lot. Cleaned a lot. Insomnia. Fatigue. Weakness. Depressed.