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Journals about ulcer

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by MomoShel, Apr 04, 2013
Trying to figure out what's up... I had an ulcer 22 years ago & had an artery pop t...
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by Lacedabeat, Feb 08, 2013 - 1 Comment
It's day two, and unfortunately I feel nauseous this morning prior to taking the antibi...
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by Lacedabeat, Feb 07, 2013 - 3 Comments
So I was diagnosed last Friday with the wonderful bacteria of H. Pylori. Symptoms were sho...
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by Sic4toolong, Feb 08, 2011
Will recheck to see if ulcers are gone.
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by Houltonite, Jun 20, 2009
Just when I thought my ulcer was getting better, I had a day like today.
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Had a god day did a bit of cleaning in the am preparing for my son to come home. Overslept...
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by sammy500, Apr 03, 2009
Well my sleeping patterns have been all over the shop which accounts for my decrease in app...
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by hyeyung, Feb 18, 2009
I've never personally experienced brain freeze. When I eat something cold, I get what ...
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by hyeyung, Feb 15, 2009
Increasing irritability - OCD habits returning (after severe manic episode lasting for the ...