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Journals about antibiotics

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by Simma28, Jun 06, 2013
Pharyngitis + temp = Sadface Feeling like crap, 4days til i can test & unsure if i sh...
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by ZOMBully, Nov 03, 2012
My wife and I agreed to be safe. What does that mean? Going to the ER just to make sure my ...
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by EllieF92, Aug 05, 2012
Thankfully it is monday tomorrow! 8am rise and shine to call the dentist and demand they ...
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by Disalusioned, Jun 12, 2012
Took antibiotics - no change - seems to be getting worse. I cry when I pee. Tried to relax....
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by fred256, May 14, 2012
My head hurts a little. My *** hurts, but maybe not as bad as yesterday or the day before. ...
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by Deborak, May 01, 2012
My fatigue is so high that I hardly have the energy to write this. I have been trying for t...
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I am so frustrated, the blister broke Feb.15 on the way into see my G.P. His nurse put a q...
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by kersh79, Dec 02, 2011
been discharged from hospital today @ 1.00pm got to go & see my consultant on monday 2....
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by kersh79, Nov 14, 2011
been back to my doctors today she said that i have a infection and she given me antibiotics...
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by haz1104, Jun 01, 2011 - 14 Comments
OK turns out I have both bronchitis and Sinusitis went to ER Dr wanted to admit me to the...