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Cranberry juice is so good
On a lighter note from my bf being a tard. I have CHOCOLATE CHUNK COOKIES! Lol whats everyo...
dinner was delicious !!
Olive Garden for my birthday dinner with the hubby, hope my baby girl is hungry‚ô•
Pickles ha, that's when you know you're pregnant haha. My baby girl seems to love them too ...
All I have been craving is spicy hot foods just had hotwings
I made huckleberry chocolate chip cookies tonight. So yummy!
Clam chowder and a garden salad.. yummy in my tummy!! :-)
Was craving sweet fruity gum, now im gonna watch friends & chew me a 6ft hubba bubba roll.....
Me & the fam went out to red lobster this evening for dinner & I ate 2 baskets of bread by ...
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by Lululove97, Aug 01, 2012
so for breakfast I had lots of fruit (blueberries, strawberries, banana) with a bit of...
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by GroveCanada, Aug 11, 2011
feeling fine, good actually-eating Tom Yum soup powder with hot water from Dundas &...