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Was craving sweet fruity gum, now im gonna watch friends & chew me a 6ft hubba bubba roll.....
Me & the fam went out to red lobster this evening for dinner & I ate 2 baskets of bread by ...
Lol I just ate some watermelon for the first time this year & it was soooooo good. Lol I th...
Yum yum pickles! I eat a whole small jar today!!
Olive Garden for my birthday dinner with the hubby, hope my baby girl is hungry‚ô•
I made huckleberry chocolate chip cookies tonight. So yummy!
Yum - Pregnancy Community
- Apr 25, 2013
Cranberry juice is so good
Yum - Pregnancy Community
- Apr 06, 2012
When I had my first baby I loved everything with ice!!! Now 8 weeks on carrying number two ...
On a lighter note from my bf being a tard. I have CHOCOLATE CHUNK COOKIES! Lol whats everyo...
yum - Pregnancy Community
- Apr 26, 2014
Pickles ha, that's when you know you're pregnant haha. My baby girl seems to love them too ...